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GT-Xcontrol IR

GT-Xcontrol IR
GT-Xcontrol IR
GT-Xcontrol IR
GT-Xcontrol IR
Item number: 1302761
GT-Xcontrol IR is smaller than a 2x4 LEGO brick. It uses a standard LEGO power cable Item 8886 which the user must supply himself. It has to be cut in one end.

GT-Xcontrol has a local IR-transmitter which are mounted close to the LEGO PF IR Receiver. The IR-transmission stays local in the train. If the train has a LEGO light this can also be controlled. The Ultrasound position 12 mm transmitter is placed in the roof of the train or direct under a brick with a hole, it fits a 2x2 brick.

GT-Xcontrol IR is prepared for a sound module with a small connector on print.

GT-Xcontrol IR can control any PF-engine connected to a PF IR-Receiver with direction, speed, and time.
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