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GT-Xcontrol DCC Booster

GT-Xcontrol DCC Booster
Item number: 1302731
GT-Xcontrol connects to the rail from terminal 6 + 7 and is supplied to terminal 1 + 2 from a DC supply, 12-18 V.
GT-Xcontrol generates DCC power for the trains that use regular DCC decoder, provided the trains are set up for DCC-Booster GT-Command..
GT-Xcontrol Booster receives all DCC messages for these trains via the radio and converts them to DCC on the rail.
GT-Xcontrol Booster relates ONLY to the trains that are declared to it.
GT-Xcontrol Booster can also set CV values on the connected decoders.
GT-Xcontrol Booster can deliver 3A DCC, 5A peak.
GT-Xcontrol Booster is a software variant of 1302721.

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