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GT.Xcontrol Coil

GT.Xcontrol Coil
GT.Xcontrol Coil
GT.Xcontrol Coil
GT.Xcontrol Coil
Item number: 1302702, US # 1303702
GT-Xcontrol Coil can be built into Märklin C-rails.
It has the same form as Märklin Turnout decoder.
It supports 2 switches at the same time individually.
Power supply from rails, 14-20 V DC or DCC
It has a unique radio address which is controlled directly from the GT-Command or from digital controller, it requires GT-Xconnect Radio master.
LED's can be added to the display of the switch's position
Includes cables for connections and power supply
Can be used for Märklin as well as Fleichmann, Roco, Peko, Faller, and others switches with 1 or 2 pull-coils, except for polar coils as LGB.

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