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GT-Position Satellite (Receiver) Short V2

GT-Position Satellite (Receiver) Short V2
Item number: 1302811
GT-Position Receivers should be mounted according to the installation guide. Each receiver is supplied by normal Digital track power or 14-20 V DC or with 14-20 V DC. A new receiver should be calibrated together with the other receivers according to the installation guide.  The short receiver uses max 30 mA and covers up to 4 meter distance depending on visibility. Normally mounted above or outside the layout, often in the ceiling. With normal calibration up to 10 mm precision.
Identical to 1302810 and can be used together with the normal satellite, and also in the same scenarios. However 1302811 is  better in fiddle-yards and for drones.
Use radio communication at 862 Mhz.

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