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GamesOnTrack A/S Terms and conditions

You select your product from the product survey which is transferred to the basket, irrespective of whether the product is free of charge or to be paid for.

You inform us of your name, address, email, and other information so that we know who bought our products and licences, to where they are delivered, and how we can contact you in case you need our support. We only register information in order to be able to support you and do not store information on account numbers, credit cards, etc. longer than it takes for you to make the desired transaction.

When buying the licence, you allow us to register the license as bought in your name and on your address. We use this information to ensure that you are the right user, and that you can have the product functionality updated. You can, if you so wish choose not to receive further information from us by signing off the newsletter.

If the project is to be paid for, you choose way of payment and pay the amount either by means of a bank transfer, credit card or by means of an account with us.
When we have registered your payment or account, we send you the product according to the listed delivery terms. If the product is software and is delivered electronically we send you a licence code and a link for download at the same day.

All Products must be registered. This is done automatically when buying in the On-line shop. Products bought from dealers must be registered within 90 days. Registration is a condition for all corrections of errors, upgrading and support.

If the goods do not arrive at your address, or if your e-mail address turns out not to work and we therefore cannot deliver through the selected channel, please contact us by telephone or by sending an email to We will then try deliver in another way. If this is not possible, we will return the paid amount less any fees that we are obliged to pay.  

If the product was bought in the on-line shop, you can before purchasing test it for 30 days using one of our free test licences. Therefore software products bought in the on-line ship cannot be returned when purchased.

If the product was bought through a dealer, it can be turned in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act. The product can ONLY be returned if the seal on the CD/DVD is intact and unbroken and provided that the other equipment has not been damaged.

If we find that a licence key that you have bought is used unlawfully, e.g. that the product has been unlawfully copied, we will claim the price for the product + a fee of DKK 1000 per unlawful use. The same shall hold for unlawful use in relation to the licence terms.

If errors or functional problems are occurring in relation to the description, we shall correct these as soon as we can after you contacted us either by email to or by registration on our support site.

The maximum obligation and responsibility that GamesOnTrack A/S has under this purchase agreement shall be limited to the price for which the product was bought and paid for. GamesOnTrack A/S shall not be responsible for any unlawful use of the product or unlawful acquisition or purchase of the product. We presume that a purchaser in our shop applying bank transfer or credit car has the right of disposal of the means that he/she applies.

The product cannot be applied for other purposes than what is described in the product. Products from GamesOnTrack A/S are categorised as toys.

If you have a complaint please use the EU-rules:

Any disputes concerning trading with GamesOntrack A/S shall be settled in accordance with the Danish law.

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