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GT-Position N Go

29 January 2019
Item number: 1302910, 1302920

GT-Position N-Go package
Introduced at the Toyfair 2019.

Position components based on the small Must transmitter 5x5x2 mm
N-size battery sender
Option to drive DCC by radio or DCC by rails
1)1300001: GT-Command with standard license
2)1302630: GT-Xconnect V2 with cable, later 2019 GT-Xconnect V4 Mini Master
3)1302731: GT-Xcontrol DCC Booster, Power tracks with DCC.
4)1302711: GT-Position Sender, battery kit for calibration purposes and tracking
5)1302705: GT-Xcontrol Sender with 5x5x2 mm, to be installed in a loco.
6)1302702: GT-Xcontrol Coil, 2 x Turnout control via radio
7)1302892: 3 x GT-Xsatellites dynamic sensitivity.
8)1302701: GT-Xcontrol Sender-decoder, to be installed in a loco, 5x5x2 mm transmitter. (preorder offer)

Standard Plug & Play is the easy way to start your positioning adventure. It contains 1 Central, 2 Receivers, 1 Battery Sender in a container, SW with all drivers on CD, USB cable, installationsguide, and helpfiles on CD. For Windows XP, Vista, and W7.

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