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08 November 2014
GT-Xcontrol is controlling trains and cars with radios.
GT-Xcontrol is inserted in the train/car and is powered directly from the device battery or from rails
GT-Xcontrol can be ordered in a variety of variants, the pictur...

Availability of GT-Command and GT-Position for LEGO® trains.
23 July 2014
GamesOnTrack has published the new productline for LEGO trains.  All SW and electronic components will be ready to ship from beginning of September 2014.

GT-Command for LEGO trains builds  upon  version 4 ...

GT-Command Family available
25 October 2013
Now you can get a combined GT-Command solution for 2 users. GT-Command Family allow two simultaneous users control the model railroad layout, either by sharing all trains or by dividing trains and sections between users....
GT-Position Plug & Play
25 September 2012
Item number: 1300923

GT-Position Standard Plug & Play is the easy way to start your positioning adventure. It contains 1 Central, 2 Receivers, 1 Battery Sender in a container, SW with all drivers on CD, USB cable, install...

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